Welcome to Shakti Yoga Massage

Shakti Yoga Massage offers Dru Yoga classes and Ayurveda Massage treatments in the heart of Morpeth, Northumberland.

Dru Yoga is a flowing and potent form of Yoga. Classes are open to students of all abilities and ages. The classes are taught in small groups (no more than four students) so that time and attention can be given to each individual.

Ayurvedic Massage is a deeply relaxing yet rejuvenating form of massage. Based on a personal consultation, a bespoke treatment is created. This can last from 30mins to 2 hours, using warm aromatic oils tailored specifically to each client.

For a more holistic approach, Dru Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage can be combined to compliment each other and enhance the overall experience.yoga-pose-1ayurveda-ayurvedic-massage-in-dubai

ayurvedic-massage-in-gurgaon                         man-pose